You can buy sculptures from our stock. Order an author's copy from the catalogue of created sculptures, as well as order sculptures according to your sketches and drawings.

Here you can see sculptures created by the creative workshop Element-METALL lately. You can purchase sculptures from stock, and we will deliver them as soon as possible.

The sculptures are created from scrap metal, by selecting parts representing the characteristics of animals, fish, birds, and plants.They will perfectly decorate any interior.The realism of the sculpture will not leave anyone indifferent.

Furniture items made of metal and fiberglass with a sculptural composition will provide a unique style for your interior. The ability to use a single sculptural style in the details of the interior and furniture will help create a unique design for your home.

Sculptures of Warriors have long adorned various interiors, both classic and modern. Riders, knights and samurai, terminators, we have offers that suite every taste.

Bonfire spheres and bowls represent the warmth and comfort of a family hearth. They will create an unforgettable atmosphere on the site of your house or summer cottage. The strengthened burning zone, grates and thick metal of which the hearths are made will provide you with warmth and comfort for several decades.

Fiberglass art objects are practical, durable and strong. You can use them both indoors and outdoors. They cannot be spoiled by precipitation and temperature changes.

Garden and park sculptures made of metal and fiberglass will perfectly fit into the landscape of your home or summer cottage. Various functionality of sculptures will help to realize any of your ideas.

Weapon sculptures are created from scrap metal by selecting parts that represent models of iconic weapons of different eras. Many parts such as the bolt, trigger, or drum are movable. Our weapon sculptures are not intended for shooting.

Bio fireplaces are designed for indoor use. Thanks to the combustion of biofuels, there is no soot and odor. A live fire creates a warm, cozy and romantic atmosphere in your home.

Machinery sculptures would make a great themed gift for those who are passionate about or work with machinery. They are perfect as corporate gifts and prizes. And also, they can be an excellent addition to the office design of companies directly related to the production and sale of various equipment.

Exclusive lighting fixtures with a variety of shapes and colors of illumination will perfectly suit the interior of your home, bring coziness and comfort.
Exclusive sculptures of steam locomotives of various sizes and models will perfectly complement the interior of your home. Also, sculptures of steam locomotives are an excellent gift that will not leave indifferent either adults or children. Rich detailing will allow you to find something new and interesting in sculpture every time.

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